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  1. Tested instructions to boot a Raspberry Pi directly into BBC BASIC using RISC OS, simulating the 2014 "RISC OS Pico" experience. Hacker News,
  1. Notes on the GTZS Pocket Book 7-X133 WOPOW 7-inch mini laptop

    On AliExpress, you can find a model of tiny portable computer. They're sold at various price points from various vendors, but they all look the same and have specs varying only in SSD size.

    I bought one to mess around with over the 2021 holidays, and it mostly fully works under Ubuntu 21.10 (Impish Indri). Here's how to get it running, and what's left.,



  1. Legal and technical notes on telling web archives of domain ownership change

    Web archives, libraries, and caches may have preserved content from your site, but they aren't tracking that it's your content, meaning a future owner can retroactively restrict access. Here's my personal work towards ameliorating this: a contract with a two-year crawlers clause, and attempts at a .well-known URI serving as a marker.,


  1. Professional background and personal notes, 2021

    I've had multi-year careers in engineering, product management, design, and research. With traditional resumes, I'm usually leaving out large portions of my experience to make a cogent narrative. But, I'm not looking for a traditional, single function role. I'm looking for a role that takes advantage of all of my experience. So: select highlights from my career through the lenses of the IAC21 roles.,



  1. Notes on the Pi Book Pro laptop shell

    The Pi Book Pro is a DisplayLink USB 3.0 1080p monitor, keyboard, and trackpad in a laptop shell for the Raspberry Pi 3 and 4.

    It was originally the Sentio Superbook, an Android phone laptop shell, except Sentio went out of business. The Pi Book Pro is the leftover stock.

    These notes are based on testing the Pi Book Pro with an early model 4GB Raspberry Pi 4B and a late model 8GB., (last updated December 20, 2021)



  1. Notes on the PocketCHIP handheld (if you're coming to it new in 2019)

    There's what's presumably new old stock of NTC CHIP chips and PocketCHIP handhelds circulating, and I picked up a PocketCHIP, having missed them the first time around. I had a CHIP and backed up much of NTC's information myself, so let's just put everything to understand the PocketCHIP in one place.,


  1. Pimoroni Inky wHAT with a Raspberry Pi Zero W as an e-paper name tag

    The formfactor is great. You can stick a Raspberry Pi Zero W on the back of a Pimoroni Inky wHAT to make an easy, commercial off-the-shelf, e-paper name tag., (last updated May 30, 2019)
  1. Notes on overlaying web content on HDMI video with the NeTV 1

    The NeTV2 is shipping, so here are my notes on working with the original NeTV, in case you want to play with an even more obscure (but cheaper) development kit that could overlay your opaque, web-based text or graphical content onto any 720p or 1080i HDMI video feed.

    (The NeTV2 is Raspberry Pi- and PCIe-based, and can handle 1080p60, and should be your first choice for new work.), (last updated March 17, 2019)

    This 4.2" e-paper name tag (the size of a normal paper name tag!) is an accessible, customizable, electronic badge for people who want a neat electronic badge, but don't want to learn multiple new electronics skill sets, and are comfortable downloading things from the Internet, carefully assembling some parts, cutting cardboard, and taping or gluing paper or fabric. It's just two parts that run around $40 and snap together.




  1. Notes on a Samsung Gear 360 camera (2017)

    It's fairly straightforward to modify a Samsung Gear 360 camera (2017) to support a wifi remote shutter, and time-lapse photos (intervalometer), just by adding some files to your SD card., (last updated March 11, 2019)


  1. Design Sprint Experience in the Enterprise

    This is a lightly edited copy-and-paste of my response to a question in the Designer Hangout Slack in September 2015. I write "we" throughout because these were common organizational practices, or because I was facilitating a team toward a shared understanding, but in this particular sprint I was the sole facilitator. I routinely run design sprints and facilitate other studio-style workshops as part of my practice.,


  1. Owning NFC toys I own: a case study

    NFC toys are figurines with a built-in near-field communication tag, containing supporting data for games or play. Reading from and writing to these figures is restricted; you can buy the toy, but only special hardware or software can fully use it, not you!

    This introductory-level case study will explore the NFC tags found in three makes of toys, using off-the-shelf hardware and software. You’ll see how much can be learned with each different tool, and once read/write credentials are obtained, what some of the legal risks are under the DMCA.

    HOPE 2018 conference, (last updated August 12, 2018)


  1. Notes on a Dell Inspiron 5675

    After two years with a Razer Blade Stealth and Razer Core (May 2016, December 2016), I had outgrown the dual-core CPU, and the BIOS boot loop problem was just annoying enough.

    I wasn't thrilled about assembling a PC from components, and just before the launch of the Ryzen 2 CPUs, I picked up a pre-built Dell Inspiron 5675, with a Ryzen 7 1700X, 8GB RAM, 1TB rotational hard drive, a Radeon RX 570, and plenty of USB 3.0 ports, on sale., (last updated July 30, 2021)


  1. Research-Based Readability. Designing for Digital 2018 conference,


  1. Thinking with things, designing with sensors, prototyping the Internet of Things, no programming needed (2018 edition)

    By request, I'm revisiting how designers can conceptualize, ideate, and prototype physical hardware devices, six years after my iPhone + ifttt = IoT wifi sensor platform talk, "Experimenting with the Internet of Things" workshop, and Distance essay.,



  1. Dynamicland, seeing spaces, and design studio

    The photos and video clips published by Dynamicland starting Monday, September 11, 2017, made me realize I might have missed an interesting — and perhaps the most immediately actionable — aspect of Bret Victor's 2014 talk "Seeing Spaces.", (last updated October 1, 2017)



  1. A stable 🤞 configuration for the Oculus Rift with Touch on a Razer Blade Stealth with Razer Core

    The Oculus Sensors seem to work fine hanging off a single USB 3.0 port on the Razer Blade Stealth through a USB 2.0 or 3.0 hub, along with the Xbox Wireless Adapter and an SSD, rather than through the USB ports on the Razer Core.

    Using the Razer Blade Stealth exclusively through an external monitor plugged into the video card in the Core, and disabling the laptop LCD, makes the Steam VR desktop view and Virtual Desktop work.

    Disabling Intel Turbo Boost seems to prevent overheating and a WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR blue screen during long play sessions., (last updated April 30, 2021)


  1. “But, all my work is under NDA!” A panel and Q&A about portfolios and IP agreements for in-house designers. Designer Hangout × IxDA Austin,
  1. Advisory Board “User Research 101” presentation.,
  1. Evangelizing the business value of user research (especially in enterprise software teams).,


  1. Notes on my first 12 hours with the Razer Blade Stealth ultrabook, Razer Core external graphics enclosure, and NVIDIA GTX 1080 GPU.,



  1. Introduction to the Austin Design Community, June 2015. General Assembly,


  1. Introduction to the Austin Design Community, March 2015. General Assembly,



  1. Notes on bookmarks from 1997. Pinboard,


  1. How to get designers (or anyone) to work on your open source project. Open Source Design,



  1. You and Your Designs. Distance,
  1. Prototyping a playground game: designing an unofficial pick-up game of Johann Sebastian Joust for smartphones in HTML5 and JavaScript. Music Hackathon,


  1. iPhone + ifttt = IoT wifi sensor platform. IxDA Austin,


  1. Local Communities In Practice and By Design. Distance,
  1. Designing Better Meetups. Refresh Austin,



  1. Design analysis of BERG’s Little Printer.,


  1. A Better Company of Designers.,